Scientific Contributions of Hardy Hanappi can be found and downloaded at his publication page at TU Vienna.
Further publications (mainly in German) can be downloaded from the series 'Wiener Studien zur Politischen Ökonomie', a series he is editing.
He is also editor in chief of the working paper series 'Papers in Evolutionary Political Economy (PEPE)', where you also find papers for download.

Further websites with information on the scientific work of Hardy Hanappi are:

TU Vienna website homepage
Google Scholar Page
Kürschners Deutscher Gelehrten Kalender
Wikipedia (english)
Webpage at University of London - SOAS
LinkedIn page

He also is associate editor and/or occasional referee of the following journals:

Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Paneconomicus, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, Equilibrium, Economies, Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics

Most important institutional affiliations:

Economics at the University of Technology of Vienna, European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, Ausschuss für evolutorische Ökonomik im Verein für Socialpolitik (Picture 2001), Jean Monnet Action of the European Union.

Current Work

Current scientific work is mainly organized via VIPER (Vienna Institute for Political Economy Research e.V., director: H. Hanappi). The VIPER Website is under construction.
Current focus of work: (1) Simulation and consulting of global political economy dynamics, (2) Quantum Political Economy (algorhithmic formalization techniques), (3) The Return of Beauty (Aesthetics and Didactics).