My father, Diplom Ingenieur Gerhard Hanappi (1929-1980), was one of the best and most prominent soccer players of Austria. He also played twice in the selection of the eleven best soccer players of the world.
Furthermore he was one of the few high-profile sportsmen with an academic education. In fact, coming from a poor family with workers background, he could use his exceptional talent in soccer to finance his academic career as an architect.
His master piece as an architect was to build the stadion for his club, Rapid Wien, which then - due to his double talent - was named Hanappi-Stadion.

This page contains two texts (chapters in different books) I wrote on his achievements and some selected newspaper articles (all in German) as well as some links to photographs.

Book chapter in the book "Die Eleganz des runden Leders": "Gerhard Hanappi - Legende und Mensch".
Book chapter in the book "Gerhard Hanappi. Fußballer und Architekt": "Sport und Musik". Presentation of the book at SK Rapid (Video)

Zeitungsporträt 1958  Meidling 1955, Gerhard & Hardy 
Heroes of Rapid  "Prominente für Franz Jonas" 
Zeitungsartikel 1952  Urgrosseltern 
Zeitungsartikel 1956  Stammbaum laut Michi Hanappi, Vorfahren Hardy, Vorfahren Edel,
Engere Familie Hardy, Engere Familie Edel 
Zeitungsartikel 1960   Milestones till 1957 
Sportler des Jahres   Parents at the 'Heuriger' 
Zeitungsartikel 1966  Soccer Team of the Architecture Office 
Zum Stadionbau  Family 50-ties and 60-ties 
Movie on Gerhard Hanappi produced by Katalin Hanappi in 2017    

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